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Wheel Hub Motors vs. Belt Drives: Top 5 Pros & Cons

The electric skateboard community has had a continuous debate about the best electric skateboard motor technology for years now. Are the newer in-wheel hub motors superior to the older belt-driven motor system technology, or vice-versa? Should I buy an electric skateboard with in-wheel hub motors or belt driven motors? The truth is, the technology is […]

Are Electric Skateboards Safe or Dangerous?

The recent spike in popularity for electric skateboards is unsurprising due to the portability and convenience that electric skateboards provide users. College students now have a fun way to make the trek to class on time and commuters can skip heavy traffic and take a thrilling ride to work. The surge in interest among younger […]

What is an Electric Skateboard?

An electric skateboard perfectly blends the balance between traditional skateboarding and the technology to propel yourself with the flip of a switch. Generally speaking, an electric skateboard utilizes motors powered by batteries to spin the wheels and are often controlled by hand held remotes or mobile phone apps. You can buy electric skateboards pre-built and […]