Launch Past Traffic.
Transform your skateboard into a premium electric
vehicle in minutes with the Muun Modular Kit.
Standby for Liftoff on Kickstarter!
Launch Past Traffic.
Transform your skateboard into a premium electric
vehicle in minutes with the Muun Modular Kit.
Standby for Liftoff on Kickstarter!

The latest advancement in electric skateboard technology.

The thrill of skateboarding just got better with the Muun Modular Kit, a premium and high class electric skateboard conversion kit designed and built for extreme performance and an unrivaled commuting experience.

The Muun Voyager Board is a smooth, fast and maneuverable electric skateboard engineered for both enthusiasts and first time riders – it’s delivered to your door with the Muun Modular Kit pre-installed and ready for your next adventure.

Your skateboard.
Our electric conversion kit.

Fits On Any Board

The Muun Modular Kit fits on any standard skateboard or longboard deck, and lets you go from pushing to cruising on your favorite board.

Customizable Speed Settings

You control how you ride. Race through your city at high speeds or cruise through campus at a leisurely pace. Whether you’re bombing your favorite hills or carrying groceries back from the store, the Muun Modular Kit gets you to your destinations with ease.

Ride In Style Without Breaking The Bank

Everyone should experience the thrill of riding an electric skateboard – our compact design keeps money in your pocket. The powerfully engineered Muun Modular is your affordable solution.

Swappable battery packs.

Unlimited range. Unlimited possibilities.

The Muun Modular is powered by interchangeable battery technology that gives you up to 12 miles of range per battery pack. We engineered our rapid recharging system to fully recharge your battery packs in 90 minutes. When you’re on the go, simply slide out your battery and slide in another fully charged pack to give you more range in seconds before continuing your journey.

USB ports on your battery pack are easily accessible when you’re not riding your board, letting you recharge your electronic devices such as phones, tablets, and smartwatches while you relax at the park or wait for your flight to take off in the airport.

Muun Modular Kit

Transforms your skateboard into an electric powerhouse.

Intuitive Mount System
The Muun Modular requires no modifications to your deck and can be installed in as little as 5 minutes by unscrewing your rear trucks and screwing on our electric unit.

In-Wheel Motors
Our state of the art in-wheel hub motors are the latest advancement in electric longboard technology. With in-wheel hub motors you won’t see any clunky belts or exposed motor pieces that are easily damaged.

Swappable Battery Packs
Our patent-pending interchangeable battery design contains a unique locking mechanism to hold the battery in-between swaps. Our rapid recharging system quickly charges your battery packs in 90 minutes to give you 12 miles of range per pack, and easily access the built in USB ports to charge your electronic devices on the go.

Muun Modular Kit (Side View)
Muun Modular Kit (Top View)

Wireless Bluetooth Remote
Accelerate, brake, reverse and switch between riding modes using our comfortable ergonomic remote.

Regenerative Brake Technology
Simply pull back the dial on the remote to come to a smooth and controlled stop while simultaneously recharging your battery every time you slow down.

Resistance Free Pushing
Our motors are engineered to give you the best riding experience whether the unit is on or off. Turn the Muun Modular off at anytime to assume a traditional longboard riding experience.

Muun Voyager Board

Shipped ready to ride with the Muun Modular pre-installed.

Carbon Fiber & Bamboo Hybrid Deck
The Muun Voyager board is hand crafted with alternating layers of bamboo and carbon fiber. Our custom deck gives you the lightest board with the perfect amount of flex and durability, creating an exceptional riding experience.

Muun Voyager Board (Side View)
Muun Voyager Board

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Muun’s Promise to You

A Higher Purpose
Muun Technologies transforms the way you travel. We’ve created a cost-efficient electric device to revolutionize transportation. With smarter and cleaner mobile technology, we are committed to connecting people with the world around them.

Unrivaled Dedication
Our engineers work non-stop to design and test the best products for our customers. Design improvements have been a high priority since the beginning, and we won’t stop until the Muun Modular and the Muun Voyager are the best electric solutions our customers can get their hands on.

Customers First
Our customers matter, and your comments and concerns are always welcomed at Muun. Enhancing your ride with the best products and service we can offer is our ultimate pursuit.